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    This is the remarkable new breakthrough in sustainable technologies discovered by Dr. Higa. EM·1® is completely safe for humans and animals and is an all-natural, non-genetically modified product that is approved for certified organic agriculture. EM·1® is defined as a "Mother Culture", which measn that it can be used to produce "activated" second generation cultures - so one quart can produce up to five gallons of Activated EM second generation cultures. EM·1®  naturally decontaminates and restores the microbial balance of complex living systems and can be safely used for a variety of household, agricultural, and industrial purposes.
    12 ounce bottle.
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    Effective Microorganisms™ was originally formulated to promote soil regeneration and microbial diversification for organic agri­culture. The results have far exceeded anyone’s expectations! Based on research and development activities in many countries, EM® is increasingly viewed as a means of providing solutions to many problems of: food production, depletion of natural resources, environ­mental pollution, food safety and nutrition, and human and animal health. When added to the soil, EMŸ1 Microbial Inoculant™ acts as a natural detoxifying agent and promotes the multiplication of beneficial microbial alliances, which produce a healthy, nutrient-rich, living soil.

    • Serves as a catalyst to naturally detoxify and enrich the topsoils—which promotes disease-suppres­sive soils, improved plant shelf-life, and overall nutritional quality.
    • By promoting beneficial microbial alliances in the soil, the plants will progressively become more resistant to pests and disease.
    • Promotes photosynthesis and strengthens the vigor of plants, thus increasing their ability to with­stand drought, floods, and temperature extremes.
    • Naturally remediates harmful substances—such as heavy metals, salinization, and agrochemi­cals—while restor­ing the microbial diversity of the topsoils.
    • Increases soil temperature through microbial activity, which enables greater cultivation in colder regions.
    • Improves soil aggregation, permeability, and water holding capacity—thus reducing overall water usage.
    • Helps prevent the erosion of fertile topsoils—and can even convert desert and sodic environments into arable land.
    • Detoxifies, conserves, and improves the overall quality of water and runoff tributaries.

    Gardening Applications. It is recommended that EM® be applied to the soil on a regular basis with an adjustable hose-end sprayer in combina­tion with organic fertilizers and vitamin supplements. For general garden applications to flowers, herbs, and vegetables, apply at a ratio of 1:750 or one teaspoon per gallon. For foliar treatment of trees and shrubs, apply AEM at a ratio of 1:250 or one tablespoon per gallon. For turf and lawn care, a ratio of 1:100 is recom­mended or 2½ tablespoons per gallon. These applica­tions should be done once a week throughout the growing season.







    Flowers and Vegetables

    1 teaspoon

    Once a Week



    Trees and Shrubs

    1 tablespoon

    Once a Week



    Turf and Lawn Care

    2½ tablespoons

    Once a Week



    Compost Recycling Piles

    2½ tablespoons

    Each New Addition


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